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Simplifying Insurance & Investing for Small Businesses

Overwhelmed by the choices?

As the owner of your company, you have so many responsibilities that creating your benefits package can easily become a task for another day. At FND, we pride ourselves on understanding the complexities of business insurance and 401k plans, so you don’t have to.  

A Tailored Process for Your Business Needs

We’ve tailored our FND roadmap to meet the unique needs of small businesses. Helping you create amazing benefits packages that attract and retain the talent necessary to grow your business.

Phase 1

Assess Your Situation & Needs

  • Understand the Business (Industry, Employees, Risks)
  • Inventory Current Benefits Package
  • Clarify Needs (Budget, Timeline, Coverage, Goals)

Phase 2

Review Options & Select Plans

  • Options Research
  • Ideal Options Comparison
  • Final Selection & Execution

Phase 3

Provide Ongoing Support & Adjustments

  • Annual Reviews
  • Life Events
  • World Event

What our Business Clients are Saying

I send all of my clients to Jill Flodstrom at FND Insurance. I've had nothing but positive feedback from them. She takes the time to thoroughly understand the client's needs and educates them with the right solutions. She is most trustworthy with her clients and passionate about helping people.

- Marc P.

Jill at FND Insurance is the one I trust with my health insurance needs. She takes care of all my employees questions - Thank You Jill!

- Rick M.

The process of understanding the different insurance options for medical, dental and vision can be overwhelming. The team at FND shares their knowledge and expertise to assist me with making the right choices to meet my employees needs. They are awesome!

- Gretchen P.

I own a small business with about a dozen employees and I provide medical insurance to my staff. Since 2015, FND has been helping me navigate the intricacies of medical insurance such as enrollment periods, comparing different plans and benefits, healthcare legislation updates, processing COBRA coverage for departed employees, just to name a few. The owner of FND, Jill Flodstrom, is a joy to work with. Being a long-time veteran of the industry, she can pretty much answer any question you throw at her. And if she needs to get back to you about something, rest assured you won’t have to wait very long. Her professionalism and expertise are matched by a great sense of humor and a very affable personality. Needless to say, I will continue to use FND for all my medical insurance needs, and I highly recommend this company to other businesses as well.

- Karl S.

FND Products for Businesses


  • Health
  • Life
  • Vision
  • Dental
  • Accident/Disability/Cancer


  • 401K

What’s Next?

If you are interested in moving forward, we have created a simple 4-step process to get started with our team.


Schedule Appointment

You can chat with an agent now, call our office, or use our online scheduling tool at any time.

Assess Your Situation & Needs

Our process begins with a careful listening an fact gathering appointment to get a detailed understanding of your situation and if this seems like a good fit, we will schedule a follow-up call for step 3 below.

Review Options & Select Plans

Next, we help you develop a plan and compare it to what you currently have. If you agree we will assist you with putting that plan in place.

Experience Peace of Mind & Get Support When Needed

Once you have a plan in place, we will continue to be available for support and at a minimum, we will meet yearly to make any adjustments and ensure the company benefits program is meeting the needs of all parties.