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Jillians’s Guest Appearances

Profitable Pilates  – May 26, 2021

Managing the Overwhelm

As we navigate the transition process to a new sense of normalcy, it can feel uncertain, and even scary at times, trying to keep all the plates spinning.  Coach and seven-figure entrepreneur Jillian Flodstrom will share her 3 key strategies to shift your mindset, ditch the fear, and start maximizing your productivity and impact in just a few days!

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Small Business Summit  – Apr 16, 2021

10x Your Productivity in 3 Days or Less

Discover the 3 things multiple seven figure entrepreneur Jillian Flodstrom teaches her clients to 10x their productivity and impact in a digital, work-from-home environment.

The New Mid  – Dec 20, 2020

The New Mid

The New Mid with host Michelle Newman is a frank, funny look at women in midlife and their day-to day-struggles and successes, as well as the big stuff – questions about meaning, fulfillment and happiness.

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PivotMe with April Garcia  – Jun 17, 2020

Managing the Overwhelm

As a seven-figure entrepreneur Jillian has created, launched, and built five different businesses in three different industries.  Hear Jillian’s pivotal moment when a car crash forced her to rethink how she did business. Learn how she moved from the coroner’s office…

Instant Impact with Elyse Archer   – Jan 6, 2020

Managing the Overwhelm

Today’s guest is someone who defines what this podcast is all about–making a great impact in less time. Jill Flodstrom is a seven-figure entrepreneur and has started 5 businesses in three industries. She’s a systems and scaling master and a guru at everything organization. She shares her own system plus her top tips for anyone looking to scale, delegate, or systemize their business at any level.