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In this episode of the “Scale Your Small Business” podcast, host Jillian Flodstrom interviews serial entrepreneur and investor Hamza Alamtab. With over 12 years of experience in various businesses, Hamza shares his valuable insights on scaling small businesses. He currently runs Tamba, a digital product studio, and Routines, a website that curates the daily routines of successful individuals.

Hamza’s entrepreneurial journey started as a student in Pakistan, working online and eventually starting his own company. He has since launched several successful startups, including one that was sold after scaling. Hamza stresses the importance of good communication in remote teams and how Tamba uses daily standups to keep everyone connected.

One of the key points discussed in the interview is the challenge of deciding on the right tools for a team. Hamza mentions that Tamba uses Notion for documentation, which has replaced multiple tools like Google Docs and Trello. Jillian agrees that finding a core set of tools that can handle everything the team needs is important. However, Hamza also notes that in client-facing businesses, there may be client requirements that may pose a challenge and the team may need to convince the client to use a certain tool.

Overall, Hamza provides valuable insights on his entrepreneurial journey, the importance of good communication in remote teams, and the challenge of choosing the right tools. He highlights the benefits of Notion as a tool and shares his experiences of introducing it to the team piecemeal, making the transition smoother. This interview is a must-listen for entrepreneurs looking to scale their small businesses and improve their team’s communication and productivity.

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