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Welcome to Scale Your Small Business podcast, where we bring you insights and strategies to help entrepreneurs and small business owners grow their businesses. This episode features Brittany Hodak, author of Superfans, a customer experience expert, and an award-winning entrepreneur. Host Jillian Flodstrom welcomes Brittany to discuss her book and the importance of customer centricity in building an army of superfans.

Brittany emphasizes the significance of focusing on customers’ needs to create superfans who will advocate for your business. She explains the difference between traditional loyalty strategies and creating superfans, emphasizing the need to align everyone in the company around a singular mission. Brittany highlights the importance of showcasing to customers that your company cares about them and will do more to help them solve their problems.

In this episode, Jillian and Brittany also discuss how small businesses can use technology to create innovative solutions that exceed customers’ expectations. Brittany shares an example of how video screens in the Dallas airport that show the number of open stalls and distance to the next restroom are a fantastic innovation that improves customers’ experience.

They also delve into Brittany’s five-step framework called the “Supermodel,” where “E” stands for Exceed Expectations, and highlight how intentionally designing a plan to elevate customer interactions into memorable experiences is crucial in creating superfans. Jillian and Brittany also share personal experiences of how technology has enhanced their own customer experiences, emphasizing the need for businesses to anticipate what their customers might need in advance to exceed their expectations.

The episode promises to be insightful, educational, and entertaining, providing valuable information to entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to put systems in place to see exponential growth.

Don’t miss out on this exciting episode of Scale Your Small Business podcast, featuring Brittany Hodak and her expert insights on customer centricity, creating superfans, and using technology to exceed customers’ expectations. Tune in and learn how you can grow your small business and create superfans who will advocate for your brand.

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