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In this episode of the “Scale Your Small Business” podcast, Jillian Flodstrom speaks with sales coach Nicole Cramer about sales and money mindset. Cramer is passionate about helping entrepreneurs sell without sounding pushy or salesy. They discuss effective strategies for building relationships with potential clients, being visible, and making people aware of what you have for sale. Nicole suggests using social media as a tool for reaching a global marketplace and generating genuine interest, but also emphasizes the importance of networking in person and starting conversations everywhere you go, even with strangers.

Nicole and Jillian also discuss the importance of listening and building trust with clients. Nicole suggests being curious, empathetic, and unattached to the outcome of the sale. She stresses the importance of asking questions to gain context, show empathy, and guide the client towards a decision they feel comfortable with. Building trust with clients is also crucial, and Cramer suggests the “Triangle of Trust” – curiosity, empathy, and courage – as a way to do so.

Finally, Nicole’s YouTube channel is mentioned as a valuable resource for salespeople looking to improve their skills. She provides a wealth of information on the strategies and techniques that can help salespeople be successful.

In summary, the conversation between Nicole and Jillian provides valuable insights into what it takes to be a successful salesperson. Being visible, building relationships, listening, being empathetic, and building trust are all crucial elements. Salespeople should focus on helping clients make decisions they feel comfortable with, rather than just making a sale. Nicole’s YouTube channel is also a great resource for those looking to improve their sales skills.


Show Notes