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In this Scale Your Small Business podcast episode, Abraham Casallas shares his experience with creating and selling digital products with host Jillian Flodstrom. He started his first online business in college, providing digital services for chiropractors, and later created a course on Facebook advertising for chiropractors who didn’t want to hire his agency. Abraham found that digital products had higher margins and could be sold multiple times, unlike agency clients.

Abraham advises against the mistake of creating something that no one wants or needs, suggesting researching the market and asking potential customers about their pain points. He also recommends using different platforms to push out digital content and pricing strategies to find what works best for the market.

Jillian and Abraham discuss the importance of a help desk and email communication in providing better customer service. A confirmation email indicating that a ticket has been received helps customers feel heard and shows progress is being made. The help desk can also provide insight into frequently asked questions and identify areas where customers are getting stuck.

To keep digital products fresh and relevant in a constantly changing technology world, Abraham suggests talking to super consumers and gathering feedback to understand where customers are stuck and what they are looking for. Jillian emphasizes the importance of listening to customers and pivoting when necessary to ensure that the products being offered are what they actually want.

Regarding pricing, Abraham emphasizes the importance of testing and iterating until the right price point is found. The ultimate goal is to maximize profits, but it’s crucial to ensure that customers can complete the course or program and provide feedback to improve it. They suggest experimenting with different pricing strategies and finding what works best for the market.

Overall, this episode offers valuable insights into creating and selling digital products, which can be helpful for entrepreneurs looking to monetize their skills and passions. It highlights the importance of researching the market, listening to customers, providing good customer service, and adapting to changing technology and customer needs.

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Show Notes

“Don't ignore the internet.” - Abraham Casallas
“Customer service is one of the pillars of just running successful long-term business.” - Abraham Casallas
“Every challenge is an opportunity.” - Abraham Casallas