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In this podcast episode, Jillian Flodstrom interviews Dr. Josh Funk, a doctor of physical therapy and the owner of Rehab to Perform, a healthcare company focused on providing high-quality physical therapy services. Dr. Funk shares his journey of becoming interested in physical therapy after experiencing an injury in college and realizing the gap between the care provided in a Division I athletic setting and mainstream healthcare.

Driven by his entrepreneurial spirit, Dr. Funk knew he wanted to open a business in the physical therapy field. He discusses the challenges of growing his company, which currently has eight locations, and emphasizes the importance of aligning and structuring the corporate staff to ensure maximal efficiency and support for all locations. This has been a significant focus for Dr. Funk as his company has expanded rapidly, adding four offices in the past 15 months.

When it comes to pushing the company forward and achieving a common goal, Dr. Funk believes that clear and transparent communication is key. By addressing issues promptly and conducting internal research, the company can achieve maximal alignment and make informed decisions that benefit both the team and clients. Dr. Funk also highlights the importance of marketing the company to attract talented individuals who align with the company’s values and vision.

Throughout the conversation, Dr. Funk acknowledges the failures he has experienced in his business journey. He shares examples of instances where he didn’t do enough due diligence, resulting in financial losses and difficulties with insurance contracting and credentialing. These failures have taught him the importance of conducting thorough research, seeking multiple opinions, and learning from past mistakes.

Jillian Flodstrom and Dr. Funk also discuss the significance of discussing failures in the business community and learning from them. They both emphasize the value of transparency and the lessons gained from personal experiences. Dr. Funk concludes by stressing the importance of discussing failures as a way to grow and improve as business owners.

Overall, this podcast episode provides insights into Dr. Josh Funk’s entrepreneurial journey in the physical therapy field, highlighting the challenges of growing a company, the importance of alignment and communication, and the valuable lessons learned from failures.


Show Notes