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In this podcast episode, Jillian Flodstrom interviews Veronica Romney, an expert in building dream teams and training marketing leaders. Veronica shares valuable insights on what it takes to create and manage a successful team. She emphasizes the importance of looking beyond a fancy resume and focusing on passion, fit, and fair compensation when hiring team members.

Veronica starts by debunking the myth of being seduced by a sexy resume. While experience is important, especially in fields like medicine, it doesn’t guarantee passion and commitment in the marketing space. Instead, Veronica suggests honing in on a candidate’s current passion for their work, regardless of previous experience. The three critical factors she highlights for a good fit are enjoying the work, the people they work with, and feeling fairly compensated.

Next, Jillian and Veronica discuss how to balance different personalities and work styles within a team. While assessments like the Colby, Myers-Briggs, and Enneagram can provide useful insights into team members, Veronica recommends using them after hiring. Pre-hire assessments may not always reflect a candidate’s true self, as people tend to answer them with desired portrayals. Instead, Veronica relies on intuition, depth of conversations, and targeted interview questions to gauge fit.

Effective communication is crucial for building and managing successful teams, especially in a virtual work environment. Veronica suggests using communication platforms like Slack, which provide structure and scheduling capabilities, avoiding the pitfalls of managing through personal text messages or Voxer. Setting strict boundaries between personal and work communications helps team members feel secure in their availability and contributes to a healthy work-life balance.

Veronica also stresses the importance of intentional communication. Loneliness and isolation can be common challenges for remote teams, so she recommends daily check-ins or “scrums.” These brief, stand-up meetings allow team members to share their achievements, current tasks, challenges, and seek guidance or support from the team leader. By maintaining regular face-to-face interactions through video calls, leaders can foster a sense of camaraderie and show genuine interest in their team’s contributions.

Delegation of responsibilities within a team is another vital aspect of team management. Veronica encourages leaders to let go and delegate tasks to team members who possess the necessary skills and expertise. However, she highlights the importance of setting clear expectations and quality standards. By involving team members in the co-creation process and providing success criteria from the start, leaders can ensure that the work aligns with their vision and maintains high-quality standards.

In conclusion, Veronica Romney’s expertise in building and managing successful teams offers valuable insights for entrepreneurs and team leaders. By prioritizing passion, fit, and fair compensation during the hiring process, maintaining effective communication through dedicated platforms and regular check-ins, and fostering a collaborative environment through clear expectations and co-creation, leaders can empower their teams to achieve outstanding results.


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