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In this podcast episode, Jillian Flodstrom interviews Mindy Lanae, a Mind Surgery Method practitioner and business coach who helps successful entrepreneurs up-level their lifestyles and businesses by guiding them on a destination to new perspectives and experiences. Mindy has experience in various sales careers, including 12 years of door-to-door sales and business-to-business sales, giving her a multifaceted understanding of entrepreneurship.

The Mind Surgery Method is a combination of neurolinguistic programming and mental and emotional release that clears what is stopping individuals from achieving their desired destination. According to Mindy, everyone has what she calls the “gestalt” in their mind, which is like a glass of water filled with emotions and experiences over the years. The Mind Surgery Method clears out negative experiences and decisions made before the age of seven, any limiting beliefs, and creates new supportive beliefs that get individuals’ subconscious minds on board with their conscious minds. This enables them to work smarter, not harder, towards their desired destination.

Jillian and Mindy discuss the most common factor that holds entrepreneurs back from making more sales – fear. Mindy explains that fear is often based on false evidence appearing real, and the brain doesn’t distinguish between real and perceived danger. Therefore, instead of going after a sale confidently, fear stops entrepreneurs in their tracks.

Mindy suggests a simple strategy to overcome fear, which is to get back into the body by using the breath to shift the nervous system out of fight or flight mode and into rest and digest mode. This enables individuals to think clearly and realize that the fear they feel is not real. Mindy also discusses the importance of focusing on one’s desired outcome and being mindful of the language used to communicate with oneself and others.

Overall, the podcast provides insights into the Mind Surgery Method and how it can help entrepreneurs overcome their limiting beliefs and achieve their desired outcomes. Mindy’s expertise in understanding the mind and dynamic experience of entrepreneurship makes her a valuable resource for entrepreneurs looking to up-level their businesses and lifestyles.

Show Notes