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In a recent podcast episode, host Jillian Flodstrom interviewed Renia Orr, an international business strategist, transformational coach, and founder of LDV Elite. The episode focused on the importance of customer service in building a successful brand, and Orr shared her insights on how small businesses can implement the same strategies used by global luxury brands to create loyal customers.

Jillian kicked off the discussion by noting that customer service is often overlooked in small businesses, even though it plays a huge role in shaping a company’s reputation and customer journey. Orr agreed, pointing out that each client experience is a reflection of a company’s internal culture, values, vision, and mission. She emphasized that customer service is a key part of a brand’s perception, and that every client interaction is a reflection of a brand, which can either attract or repel customers.

Drawing on her two decades of experience working with luxury brands, Renia shared simple strategies that small businesses can use to build client loyalty, connections, and trust, which can lead to long-term relationships and increased revenue. She highlighted the importance of making clients feel special and appreciated during and after transactions, and emphasized that bad customer service can be a brand killer, leading to lost referrals, opportunities, and sales.

Orr also discussed some common customer service issues that small businesses face, including a lack of investment in training employees on products and services and not aligning brand image with the customer service experience. She stressed the importance of training employees to be brand ambassadors who represent a company’s values and products, and creating protocols for client interactions.

Overall, the episode was a valuable resource for small business owners looking to improve their customer service and build a strong brand. Orr’s insights and strategies are applicable to businesses of all sizes and industries, and emphasize the importance of investing in customer service to create loyal, satisfied customers who keep coming back.

Show Notes

“It's really is all about making the clients heard, understood, and really appreciated in any situation.” - Renia Orr
"Address the objection or question in the most structured, positive, and creative way.” - Renia Orr
"It is easier to put systems and structures in place right from the beginning." - Renia Orr