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Pieter van Nuenen is the co-founder of the Portugal Company, a relocation company that helps people move from their home countries to Portugal. In this podcast episode, he discusses his journey and how his passion for Portugal and its culture led him to start a successful business that offers real estate support, tax and fiscal advice, and other relocation services. Pieter’s company promises to give candid advice and welcome clients with genuine Portuguese hospitality, ensuring that they have a smooth transition.

Pieter highlights the importance of stepping in early in the process of relocating to Portugal, so that his team can provide personalized guidance and support to their clients. The Portugal Company works with clients from different countries, but their added value lies in understanding what each client is looking for and offering tailored solutions to meet their needs. Portugal may be a small country, but it has a lot of variety in nature, culture, and climate zones, which makes it essential for clients to work with a company that can offer them the right guidance.

The Portugal Company’s focus on customer experience and journey sets them apart from other relocation companies. They prioritize quality over quantity, and aim to take on around 25 to 30 projects a year to ensure they can provide personalized attention to each client. While it can be tempting to scale up the business, Pieter recognizes the importance of maintaining their focus on quality and delivering the best service possible to their clients.

For those looking to relocate to Portugal, Pieter’s company offers an end-to-end service that starts with finding the right property and ends with settling in the new country. The Portugal Company provides expert guidance on tax and fiscal matters, cultural differences, and any other concerns that clients may have. They also offer a range of additional services, including language classes, furniture rentals, and assistance with setting up utilities.

Overall, Pieter’s journey and the success of his company offer inspiration to entrepreneurs looking to start a business that aligns with their passion. The Portugal Company’s focus on customer experience and personalized guidance make them a great option for those looking to relocate to Portugal.

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